Corporate Events

Corporate Party

Be it a cocktail party for your clients or company party for your employees, the key to a successful event is to create an environment that will connect well with your audience. From the music selections to using the proper lighting, the service will be tailored to meet your needs. You and your guests will be able pick from a vast pool for legal music collection or leave it up the DJ to make expert selections based on the mood of your guests.

School Dances

Corporate Party

Whether you are planning a small middle school dance, a large high school prom, or something even bigger like a school carnival, the DJ will help you rock the event with a wide, up-to-date collection of school-friendly music.


Wedding Dance

It's your wedding. You want your special day to be memorable. Get a professional DJ service that will get all ages in your party to get started and rock the event for you.


Thank You Victoria Simpson of AT&T, you rock!

This mix is dedicated to the very nice customer representative at AT & T. She handled my support call with such a positive and bubbly attitude that I have never experienced before. You rock Victoria!



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