Events By DanZtic

DanZtic is our event & entertainment partner in India. They are a group of experienced artists united by our passion for music and dance. DanZtic has rocked more than 300 events including Star Nites, corporate events and college dance competitions. Here are some of high profile, successful events hosted by DanZtic.


unnamed.jpgTalent Hunt

This event has held at the St. Thomas Hall in Chennai. More than 150 contestants from about 15 colleges participated in this event. The first prize winner St. Patrician College was awarded three lakh Indian rupees. The second prize winner was awarded 1.5 lakh Indian rupees. The third prize was awarded to Loyola college.The event was presided by Shri. G. K. Vasan and Shri. P. Chidambaram. Some of the popular celebrities including S.J. Suriya, Prashant, Prithiviraj attended the event. Rohini, Charlie and other popular lead artists were part of this event.




Iginition is large scale dance cultural event hosted by DanZtic for the South Indian zone. The even was held in the prestigious halls of the Music Academy in Chennai. More than 25 colleges competed in this event, attracting about 1500 folks from different of the South India. The famous choroegraher Naomi from u.K, choreographed the dances in this event.